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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- Whispers on the Wind

I am a teary mess again today as I have been following the blogs of our friends in Ethiopia. God has done amazing things this trip. Many miracles have occurred. Seeing these parents finally united with their children brings forth a well spring of tears and praises. It's as though all their emotions have traveled on the wind over the distance making their way back to the network of "family" all across the US. That "family" is our Yahoo Group. Filled with people in every stage of the process all rooting on the same team. All in this together. Through the YG I have hoped along side the folks, prayed along side them, agonized during that wait along side them, and now via the wonders of the internet I am rejoicing along side them. I am eager to see their long awaited posts from HOME. Back home with their children. Beginning the rest of the journey as a family. For truly, much is made about the wait but REAL life begins when the families arrive home.

A few lines here and there hint at the idea that some of our friends have seen Jonas. Susan even mentioned that kiddos have been moved to the AWAA's transition home. I have to assume that included Jonas. Say a prayer for our son and the other kids. Such transitions can be overwhelming for them. This move could be potentially as traumatic for Jonas as the day he came into care for he has been at Kids Care Orphanage for half his life now. Pray for peace to rule the children's hearts during this difficult transitional time. They will hardly be settled at the TH before all their crazy American parents come rushing in scooping them up while trembling with tears, full of excited energy.

....With that said I've put up a new ticker. I am praying I won't have to change it and that we will pass court..... you know the drill.


Steve and Anna said...

My heart is in the same place today! I am thinking and praying for both our boys and the other children experiencing the transition right now. This has been on my heart for awhile. It is good to know we are praying and caring across the distance with one another.