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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Field Trip

My mom is a member of the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden and so she took our family yesterday for a field trip. Even Dustin took off from work early to join us. Because of her membership we all got in FREE. Isn't that great!?

The kids had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent there. The garden has made major improvements recently. I was impressed with how beautiful it now is. The kids received little booklets and were asked to be Desert Detectives while they spied out the different types of plants. They were able to learn a lot through observation.

One popular attraction of the PDBG is the Butterfly exhibit. It was my first time seeing this exhibit. The butterflies are stunning creatures and seeing so many together was such a treat.

I forgot my camera but thankfully my mom didn't. She sent me just a couple of pictures.

Mariposa Monarca
The girls held their arms up and stood still in the hopes a butterfly would land on them. I had to giggle a little bit. Of course they have gone and ruined life for themselves proving to me that they can, in fact, be extremely quiet and still when they are motivated. No more excuses for them.
The girls with their Desert Detective papers. Don't you just love hubby's choice to store his water bottle in such a picture perfect spot?
Grandma Mimi and the grand kids. They adore her so much!


Teachertraveler said...

Homeschool field trips are so much fun!

Growing up in San Diego, we had some great and not so great field trips.

Coolest: Sea Lab, a whole day spent on a boat in the bay catch sealife and examining them then throwing them back into the ocean.

Worst: Leatherbee's Ice Cream, where they locked us in the freezer to be funny right after telling us a story about a worker dying in the freezer.

Creepiest: California Missions, they smell old and once we accidentally walked into a funeral service not realizing it wasn't part of the tour.

Tastiest: Going to Julian for apple picking and PIE!!!

Although my mother likes to claim that she scarred us for life, my brother and I have fond memories of our homeschool field trips.

Carpenters said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like the girls had lots of fun.

With Love,