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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red Letters campaign- Travel Anxiety Increases

Okay friends. We need your prayers. This travel stuff is getting messy. The Thanksgiving holiday is making planning much more difficult. Our travel group TTD has changed to the Saturday the 29th of Nov. We planned to try to get a flight out on the Wednesday before (the 26th) but domestic flights to DC are booking up fast and the flight to Addis is Completely booked. So, this means we will have to leave much earlier than anticipated. Earlier by a whole week. I can only assume that the Lord has heard our prayers to minister in any way He chooses in ET and thus He's allowed events to happen this way. Dustin and I are asking for your prayers for wisdom and guidance as we make decisions about travel. A longer trip means more childcare for the kids to be managed, more money for in country expenses and more time away from work for Dustin. All things that need to be seriously considered. We really need to know what the Lord's desire is regarding our travel.

To add fuel to the fire flights are booking fast and we could choose to book tix but if we don't pass court we'd then have to pay a change fee and go to the back of the line for seats on other flights all over again putting us in the same position only with less money in our pockets. I don't want to book tix out of fear. I want to have confidence and faith but I'd be a liar if I didn't say the heat has been turned up on the situation.


E said...

It will all turn out in the end, but I'm praying the distance between Point A & Point B can be traveled in peace and confidence! I'll be praying you guys will know what to do and that the "right" path will be clear. Once you get on those flights you'll see they weren't kidding about the flights being full. They are SERIOUSLY full.

Time in Ethiopia can be challenging and I'd err on less time there than more (for this first trip)...just based on my experience and the experiences of so many other families. It will be wonderful if you can do other things, but I found the emotional experience of the adoption and meeting my son was huge for me (though I was alone there) and I was very eager to be home to process it all. It took probably six months for me to wrap my heart around everything I saw and felt there. However, you must listen to your own hearts and follow where you are led!

Praying all goes well & happy!

Julie said...

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway - any help you need with the kids, just let us know!

God does know and he will provide. I'd avoid booking tickets. Someone at our agency has done that and then paid big bucks in change fees (like $1500).

Danielle said...

Hang in there, woman! You're so close. I'm not negating, though, the stickiness of the situation. That would be MUCH longer with those three precious girls at home. And fear is never a good motivator, is it? Although I admit I let it lead sometimes...more than I'd even admit to myself, I'm sure. I wish we were traveling together, but I'm sure happy you are!!!!
Love, Danielle

P.S. Can you quick e-mail me sometime (or call) and quickly walk me through posting with RLC? I have status, but just didn't want to take the time to figure it out and thought if someone else walked me through it, all would be good :) Thanks.

Stacey said...

I see why you're waiting! Hang in there and know that it will all come together. Just like Julie said, we can help with the girls, too. You know my boys would be more than happy to play with them for a day or five :o)