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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New News

Well, I was true to my word. I haven't been posting because we have been in SERIOUS prayer over here. After much prayer and many long talks Dustin and I have made a decision to adopt internationally. We sent in the application to the adoption agency late last night.

Can I just say that I was so nervous! I feel terrible for couples who don't have any children before this process. The sheer panic they must feel at the thought of being scrutinized. On the second hand maybe it's better for them. At least they are filled with their ideals. I know I had many quaint ideas about motherhood BEFORE I became a mother!Hahahahahaha. We experienced parents know all the ideals go right out the window when you're 2 year old drops on the floor in the middle of the grocery store to have a tantrum and breaks glass with her shrill scream!!!

We are feeling the heat and the home study hasn't even begun yet! You'd think after having 3 kids we'd feel confident in our parenting ability, but there is something about this process which makes me feel anxious. I guess it's the fact that there proof of how well we're doing in the form of three witnesses. I wonder how much dirt Rienne's gonna dish about me. (Stacey think... "my mom and I are just going in two different directions....")

Thank the Lord we have our dear friends Brooke and Jay to draw from. They are wise in all the ways of adoption/fostering. I should be an exciting ride, but guaranteed to be filled with bumps, twist and turns! We'll keep you posted!


Julie said...

How exciting for you guys! I'm sure you will pass the home study with flying colors. We'll be praying for you through the process.

Stacey said...

I'm so excited to see what God is going to do through you guys! I know He's already got plans for the little guy or girl who will be joining your home!! Praying for you all and knowing you're going to do great!!

Keep us updated on everything!!

Brooke said...

I am sure God will bless you with the little one that was/or is being created just for you guys! How exciting, I love watching the Adoption stories on TLC, and how wonderful it always turns out for families. I never watch a show without crying! Yours I will see up close, so you may see tears in the future from me!!!! I will be praying for you!