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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Annoying But Worth It

This is me completely stressed out. Brain fried, phone weary and paperwork worn. Yes ladies and gents the paper chase has officially begun. We are scrambling to get out dossier compiled and it aint pretty!!

Can't seem to get Dustin to sign a paper to release his birth certs with the same signature that's on his driver's license (seems he's switched up his signature since then. It's now just an s with more squiggles after it as supposed to a d with squiggles. Apparently it was more time efficient....) now the vital records folks are freaking out thinking D is trying to obtain his records illegally or something.

The physicians office was freaking out that our physical exams had to be notarized. Well, EVERYTHING must be notarized!! I mean, if I sneeze I had better get that tissue notarized! Even our friends who are writing our letters of reference must notarize their letters. What a pain in the neck.

Add to everything the fact that about a billion people vital to the completion of everything on the list for the dossier are on vacation right now! Oh man.... I'm gonna blow! Remind me once more that God's timing is perfect and that it's all for a good reason!

There is a bright spot at the end of this tunnel. Our son! He's waiting and he makes everything worthwhile. They don't call this a "paper pregnancy" for nothing. Just like the real deal (ahem Stacey) all the pain and aggravation becomes worthwhile the second you hold that child in your arms. I know it will be same for me.... one of these days.


Stacey said...

You're too funny! I'm praying for you guys. Don't worry, it will all get done in the right time!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Jenny Jen Jen! I can't beleive how far you have come already thought! The dossier is supposed to be the hardest part next to the dont worry! The time will come when it will end! I love you!

Carpenters said...

My husband and I are also adopting from Ethiopia through AWAA. I just found your blog and was catching up on your entries. I didn't want to be one of those that "hide", so I thought I would say hi. Plus, I just had to comment on this post. One of our friends that wrote a reference letter for us thought the whole notarization process was very funny. He said, "So the federal government will certify that the state has certified that the notary that notarized our opinion is license to do so." That's about it in a nut shell. Thanks for sharing. I hope to stop back often.