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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Pray, Pray, Pray, Rest, Then Repeat!!!

The Lord has just spoken something new over me. Prayer and more prayer seems to be the theme. I feel like the Lord had just dropped a huge prayer bomb over me. Everywhere I go I hear the same message.

Last sun at church the message : Hearing God's voice. Mon night I went out with a bunch of fun ladies I serve with at PV and got invited to a intercessory prayer meeting. Went to that and really felt major conviction about how vital prayer is. Two people have individually given me counsel to be in continual prayer over something D and I are personally considering. Today I hop in the car and what comes on the radio but a broadcast about the gift of prayer and it's importance!! I told you the Lord really has to knock me over the head sometimes to get me to get the point!!

I'd love to write the usual plethera of randomness on my posts, but I'm too busy praying! I'll give you more info as to what exactly I am praying about when I get some more info myself!

Love to all!


Stacey said...

I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about and I'm continuing to pray for you guys! Just stick with it and He'll give you the answers you need Jen!!

Jen said...

Stacey I am sure you do know. Thanks so much for praying for us!!

Brooke said...

May 3rd is the National Day of Prayer, it is so awesome to devolop a great prayer life. God wants us to communicate with him all the time, and I think it awesome that you are teaching that to your children. I try to do the same with mine! Thanks for reminding me how important it is!