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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Health Restored Slowly

We've made a breakthrough. I can actually swallow without rising up on my tip toes and cringing! This is big for me! The girls are mostly better... Rienne seems to be lagging behind a bit. She's still feverish. She'll be heading back to the doc tomorrow for a follow up visit.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of doc appts., Pharmacy runs, and charts just to keep track of each child's administered medications. We have spent over $300.00 related to this recent bout of illness in our home. For a group of generally healthy people it's been interesting to say the least!

Many of you dear friends have called or emailed to say you were praying for us. Thanks so much! We needed them! Thank God for dear friends who get down on their knees for us!


Stacey said...

So glad to hear you guys are doing better. I really wish you would have let me bring you meals or something! I know just how hard it can be when everyone is sick!!

Stacey said...

Let me know if you need anything Jen!