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Thursday, May 10, 2007

God Designed Road Blocks

Well, as the title above suggests we have officially run into our first road block to adoption. My asthma.

Can you believe the director in charge of adoption in El Salvador has an unwritten preference for couples who are not on any prescription meds? That what the SW at AWAA told us anyway. My Albuterol inhaler prevents us from being able to adopt from ES. The social worker told me that ES tends to accept Dossiers (adoption paperwork) from couples but will never refer them a child. I was so shocked and utterly disappointed I could have cried.

Dustin reminded me that it's just God's way of redirecting us to His plans. I said from the beginning I was going to trust in God's ability to rope me in. Well, here's a perfect moment to test that faith in His ability to work all these things for our good, and for His glory.

So back to the drawing board. Please pray for God to direct us and clarify which country we should pursue.


Stacey said...

Wow, that's a shock! I will continue to pray for you guys! I know God has a plan and He will speak to you about exactly where you need to be looking! He has the little child already waiting for you!!

Brooke said...

You are right! God is directing you guys towards His divine will. It is often disappointing when He has to clarify what he wants in our lives, but you know after I read the post, I thought that maybe you could be the one family the director choses. God can work in his life you, don't forget to add that to your prayer lists! I will add it to mine.