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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fingerprints.....GOT 'Em!!!

Warning: I am typing this after rolling out the top coat and sealer for the floor paint in the girls room, and I am as high as a kite, so I am not sure how well this post will be written. (Yes, I did open the windows. NO, it's not helping.) I forgot that I hadn't told you we yanked out that nasty, dirty, dusty carpet in the girls room and have painted the concrete. We have successfully created a much cleanlier, easier to maintain and child friendly surface which should ease my asthma and my nerves! Amen to that!! I'll post pics of the room once we've got it put back together.

We were able to have our fingerprints made today, finally. I am so relieved. I hope to never see the inside of that ASC building again.... or at least not until we adopt again. (YES, I said again, we are planning on doing this twice. I guess we're gluttons for punishment!. That and our agency has special guidelines about sibling groups.)

So we waited over 4 hours to have our prints taken. It was L-O-N-G!!!! We had the opportunity to meet a really fun couple who were Canadian citizens originally born in Romania. They were both applying for their green cards to acquire permanent residency. They've been working here on work visas for around 8 years now. Fun people. Christian's too. They were asking lots of questions about our adoption process. I had to chuckle. Little do they know that is how things begin. A little seed here and a little water there and who knows where the Lord will lead them.

So that's the update! One step down.... a million-bah-jillion to go!!! ( As my kids might say.)

One more thing. I can't forget this one. I've found a blog I really enjoy. I found this family to be inspiring. Their way of life seems so romantic to me (citified girl that I am.)

Eyes of Wonder is the blog. Go check it out.


Brooke said...

I loved Eyes of Wonder, but I am wondering how in the world she has time to blog all of that info. I was amazed, and I would love that lifestyle. Sometimes I am literally crying out for it!

The Montee's said...

I am so bummed I couldn't get into Eyes of Wonder...will try again later. Congrats on getting your fingerprints!! :)

Carpenters said...

Congratulations on your fingerprints! One step closer, yeah! Thanks for sharing,