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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No fingerprints today

We got a babysitter to watch the kids, managed to clear Dustin's schedule for the day, drove down to the ASC building to have our fingerprints taken, and they just up and decided that they wanted to block off this whole week to do I-400 applications and not I-600 apps (we need the I-600) "They" had the nerve to tell us to come back next week. Just like that.

As if it were that easy!!! I could have cried but Dustin held me and reminded that this IS the government we are dealing with here. What did I expect? He had a point.

We are at the mercy of USCIS. Why can't they understand how emotional this is for my mommy heart?

So, I lieu of happy fingerprinting news I am posting this. Somehow, it is not as gratifying as having our biometrics taken.