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Friday, March 5, 2010


We got the call. Our social service coordinator has our approved home study in her hands. She's mailing it to us today.

She was frustrated to tell me that the commissioner signed it on JANUARY 27th!!


We don't know what caused the delay, but we're happy to know it's on its way to us TODAY. Our family coordinator in VA was so excited to get my email about our approved HS she called me ;-) and told me she'd been waiting on it. HA!

A few glitches were still encountered. (Of course!)

The court forgot to include our police clearance letters with the approval and since all our local Police and Sheriff's offices no longer issue letters for private citizens anymore. (trust me we tried them all. I begged and pleaded and finally got so angry I told one rude receptionist "thanks for NOTHING." Don't even get me started about rude government employees. It's enough to make my head spin.)

We're at the mercy of the court once again to get these letters completed in a timely manner for our family. PLEASE pray for us!

Also, the courts stated in our approval that our re-certification had been approved BUT we completely redid our HS and it's not a re-cert. It's a brand new certification. So our social services coordinator is requesting a new letter. But, that portion won't affect our ability to forward our approved HS to USCIS for A*'s visa nor will it affect our ability to send off our dossier. Though, our dossier can't take flight until we get those pesky police clearance letters so, again, please pray with us that those come back quickly.


Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Wow Jen! Praying for those pesky letters!

Heather said...

Boy, do I know how to be praying for you right now. We just encountered a four month delay in paperwork over one notary stamp. Finally our HS is into USCIS, and we're waiting again for that. I'll be keeping your family and A* in my prayers.

Zack, Rebecca and Caleb Caldwell said...

Well praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your approval. Do you still need to wait for an official referral until the police clearance is done? Did you try city police, county police and the sheriff? I keep hearing about so many people running into this local police clearance issue - what a PAIN! Anyway, you're getting there! I would love to do a blog post when you have your official referral!

Jen Wade said...

Jen, we got a local police letter clearance with no problems at the Phoenix Police dept downtown. This was about 2 months ago, maybe it has changed since then? We are in Anthem, but that is where we have to go since it is considered Phoenix.
Hoping you get everything you need soon! Jen

Stacey said...

That is great news! I said a prayer just now that those police papers would get done ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

Praying still!!!! :)

KLT said...

Frustrated with government employees? You mean those in your neck of the woods are not always models of competence either?

Oh, I empathize and will pray for exceeding grace!