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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey, Yooooooou!!!!

Hi there, Mail Carrier Lady!!!

Sorry, did I scare you?...

Listen, I gotta cut to the chase, here. I want you to understand that I will be stalking you for a couple days.

It's nothing personal, don't worry!

You might feel awkward, and there may be times you'll feel like crying. TRUST me I understand. Totally.

There's just this paperwork thingy. I need it REAL BAD. It has to do with a boy in Ethiopia. Yea, he's my son and I'm trying to get him home.

The last stupid piece of paper I need should be coming ANY day now. You're the one bringing it (lucky YOU!) so that means all my anxious energy is going to be directed toward you for a little bit. Okay?

Good news is, the letter is coming from Tucson so it really shouldn't take that long.

Once it gets here I promise I'll start acting normal again. And I'll even begin to smile at you once more.


The Crazy Lady who waits by the mailbox for you every day

PS- see you tomorrow =)


Krista H said...

Fabulous depiction of the feelings related to this!