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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just When...

...I thought I was getting better about posting at least three times a week I blew my streak. I have many excuses though. I'll be explaining more in depth. Be forewarned I have lots to catch you up on.

The big bomb dropped on us today. Ethiopia has changed their requirements for international adoptions. They now require families to be present for court. This means we will be traveling anywhere from 4-12 weeks after our dossier arrives in Ethiopia (this is because we will already have our referral for A*. A referral is the official way of saying we've been matched with him)

After court we will have to leave our little guy (unless Dustin and I decide we want to stay in country longer) and wait until the government conducts another investigation which could take anywhere from 2 1/2- 3 months.

So we could be traveling back to Ethiopia fairly soon here. Stay tuned for updates :-)

We are still waiting for our Police Clearance letters to arrive. We can't move forward until those get here, so please keep praying friends!

In other news guess who signed up to co-lead a Girl Scout troop? Yup. I'm a little nervous but very thankful I have a great co-leader to team up with. I'm curious as to how much time this will eat up during my week? I am praying that once we find our groove it won't be more than a few hours a month for prep work.

Also, aside from being on the Board of Directors for the AZ branch of America World Adoption Association Dustin and I will be helping out as Associates holding Adoption Seminars. We are really looking forward to that!

Did I mention I am also helping my mom plan an adoption conference at her church in November?

Oh, and I'm planning to attend the orphan summit in Minneapolis the end of April. I'm super excited about that because Project Hopeful is going to be there. And, I love Project Hopeful!

Gee is there anything else?!

Nope I think that pretty much covers things.

As you can tell I've been pretty busy here lately. I've got lots on my plate but all very worthwhile things.

This week is spring break for the girlsies so we're enjoying sleeping in, staying up late and goofing off all day. Doesn't get much better than that!


Stacey said...

You are a super Mommy! Wow, how are you getting it all done? Glad you're enjoying some time with the girls while they're on spring break though!

beBOLDjen said...

Super mom? HARDLY! You should see my house right now. It's a wreck! There are spots of blue washable paint on the tile in my kitchen, the laundry is piled high,and the carpets need vacuuming. Something always has to give ;-)

Sassy Granny ... said...

All I can think of when it comes to your adoption process is "rugged", as if an arduous climb to the peak of Everest.

May the vistas be more glorious with each advancing step.