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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out The Door

Apparently all I needed to do was write a creepy letter to our mail carrier..... because guess what she brought me today?

Our police clearance letter arrived.

We immediately walked right out the door and shipped off our dossier.

It should be to AWAA's corporate office Friday morning.


Thank you, Jesus!


I need a home said...

rejoicing and thanking our Lord. Cant wait to see you soon!
Thank you Jesus SO MUCH
we need to write michelle's post man next! =-)

Anonymous said...

That must be such a huge relief!

Rob and Candy said...


Paul and Sydney said...

This is great news. I know you were so ready to get this off.

Oh Happy Day!

I loved your postal worker post. That was sooo me. I was always waiting for a new I-171H to arrive during our 2+ year process. I had 5 different I-171H because of all our changes so I did feel like a stalker of our postal worker. I got where I could recognize the sound of her car. Ha Ha!

Now we will pray for a quick court date.