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Sunday, July 29, 2007

What I've Been Thinking About Lately.

Hello friends. I've had such a great weekend. No real agenda. Just being home together as a family. We worked when we wanted to work and completely relaxed whenever we felt we wanted to. Dustin had a nap on Sat and I had one today. MMmmmm. Refreshing!

I just KNOW God is trying to tell me something when I keep hearing the same message over and over through every possible avenue of communication. His Word, His body, His Spirit. His blessed repetition. In fact I haven't had nearly enough time lately ( and I haven't made nearly enough time) to sit down and drink it in. I haven't had time to soak in the messages He's been sending. This weekend began process of digestion.

Four big things He's pointing me towards at this stage of my life:

1) Toward Himself. Toward His great love and His Spirit. I have had a hard time living out what we learned at the PVC "Loving Well" conference. I am only just learning how to begin to allow the Lord to love me well, so I may be filled and overflowing with His love. If I am going to serve others I need to be filled. Have I been coming to the Well enough lately? Have I been drawing from His provision the water I need to satisfy my own thirst before I attempt to offer it to others?

2)Home. He's been pointing me home. To my family. Serving them more sincerely than ever before. serving out of his love and beyond myself.

3) I have also been grappling with the absolute reality that all my works heaped together and piled up amount to nothing without the Lord's hand over them. If I can't do it in the Spirit and without His blessings it's just not worth doing. How much of my days have been spent in wasteful striving. Striving to be more, better, striving to get up, get out. Striving to do good on my own merit? Striving apart from Him? Pastor Greg quoted a scripture today that pointed straight to the heart of the issue for me as I am seeking to dig deeper in my relationship with the Lord. I tired to remember the verse and I looked for it but I couldn't find it so I am sorry I just have to paraphrase it for you. It was about being controlled by the Holy Spirit. When I thought about it I realized that learning to be led by His Spirit takes practice. One of my biggest prayers lately is to learn better just how to be led. That, and I am checking every motivation in my heart. I want anything that doesn't have the Lord's glory at heart to be removed. I just don't have room to be carrying anything more than that. I am tired, and I need a rest.

4) What does He want me personally to do about hurting people? Those people who are really, really suffering and in need. Those near and far? It begins simply with opening my eyes to the needs of others. For that I need better eye sight. After eye sight, I need action. I need to be led by the Spirit.

These things will test my grit. Test my BOLDness, my saltiness. I can't wait to meet the challenge in Christ's power and authority.

What's been bouncing around in your head lately? What are the things God's been speaking to you? Please share!!!