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Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Fingerprints

I just haven't gotten the disappointment out of my system of being told to come back another day for our biometrics appointment. I feel the need to expound on my heartbreak.

"You'll have to come back next Wednesday." The man at the desk told me.

I glanced at Dustin with a look which said "you're the man, DOOOO something about this dude!!" Dustin simply responded with a smile. I turned to the man once more with tears brewing deep in my heart."Next Wed?" I asked jaw dangling from my despondent skull.

"Yea, come back next Wednesdaaay." He said in a voice which almost got him slapped. ( You'll be happy to know I didn't do it. I am a follower of Christ so I behaved myself. I sure wanted to do it though! I mean this is only paperwork left which I need to gather in order to get my child home and in my arms DARN IT!!!!)

"Sure, like it's that easy!" I thought, " There are baby sitters to be procured, schedules to be cleared and hoops to jump through, man! ... Why doesn't he get it?"

Walking out of the office Dustin helped me to calm down. Then, he provided the day's comic relief.

Thankfully, when we arrived there was only one tinsey winsey little parking spot to be had in the ASC lot. Dustin squeezed our vehicle in between a short 2 foot wall on the driver side and a HUGE truck on my side. Being the loving hubby he is he made sure I had plenty of room to get out my door. I had been so focused on reaching the building and procuring our fingerprints that I hadn't realized how Dustin had made it out on his side. That is until he went to get back in.

He could only open the door about 9 inches wide. Dustin had to step onto the wall and squeeze his behind through the narrow opening, wiggling and writhing his way into the cab of our truck. This was good for a cathartic laugh!

So here goes Stacey:

Thank you Lord, for super small parking lots and huge trucks hoggin' up all the room, and my considerate hubby who loves me enough to shove himself through an uncomfortably small gap instead of letting me do it myself! I needed the laugh!

HA! I feel so much better.


Stacey said...

Way to go! Let's look on the positive side instead of the negative.

Man, what a bummer to be turned away though. I'll pray that next Wednesday works out for you though. Let me know if you need help watching the girls!