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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Home Study Update

So much to fill you in about but I am not sure where to begin........

We began out Home Study process (HS) Sat by meeting our Social Worker (SW) at the Chandler Sunset Libray. We can expect at least one more meeting to take place at the library and then an inhome visit to take place after. Our SW lives in Tucson so she has to drive in to do the HS. We are meeting the SW along with another couple who lives in Goodyear. The SW hopes to be able to drive in for one weekend and complete our in home visits the same weekend, but they are significantly further behind us in the process and I will be disappointed if I have been busting my behind to get everyhting finished only to wait on someone else to finish up their paperwork. the mere thought makes me tense.

As we near the last half of our paper chase compiling documents for our dossier the stress is beginning to mount. The to do list is GROWING exponentially. I can't wait for the day we actually mail the dossier off. I am fighting the urge to purchase anything until after we receive our referral but it's becoming increasingly more difficult. It's hard having to wait so long. I am not hte most patient woman and this process is definitely stretching my limits! Whenever I feel really antsy I step back and remind myself that the Lord is still doing a lot of work in me in preparation for my son's arrival and I don't want to cut that time short and in so doing shortchange my son. That helps me calm down a bit.


Brooke said...

Patience is a hard fruit to grow ripe, isn't it. I think the things that we go through often seems so hard. But I keep trying to think about pregnancy when I think about your process. It is out of our control to wait for a baby to grow to be healthy enough to come out, and as anxious as we are to get pregnant and then to wait on the pregnancy to ripen, the patience wears us out. We are tired, cranky, and frustrated. Are these feelings you are having about the process? They are all to familiar, and when you first look at your child, you realize why God makes us go through all of the those emotions, so that only PURE JOY is left at the end. I would love to get together with you. My tears are easy though, so be prepared!

Stacey said...

I think Brooke said it the best. Praying for you Jen! I can't wait to meet that beautiful little boy God is saving just for your family!!