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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Odd and Ends

Random stuff for today.

1) Bought the latest release from Alison Krauss, "A Hundred Miles or More: A collection". It's good. I have been an Ali K fan for many years now. She is so talented that whenever I hear her sing I feel compelled to shut my mouth and never attempt singing again. She's amazing. This new CD isn't my favorite, but I will never slam her work ever! I was listening to it as I was housecleaning and nearing that more emotional time of the month...... consequently, I shed a few tears.

Trk7 Baby Mine is a cover from the Disney movie Dumbo . You know the song when Dumbo's mommy is rocking him in her trunk from behind the bars. Yea, that one gets me every time. Trk 14 is one of the most amazingly written songs. The lyrics blew me away and so it is my fav of the album but is also tied with her duet with Jim Taylor another love of mine. Trk 9 How's the World Treating You is so lovely. They sound wonderful in duet! I enjoy Bluegrass music and so Trk 5 is fun. You'll never hear an Ali K CD without some kind of hymn or inspirational song on it. Trk's 6 and and the tear jerking Trk13 are this album's contributions. I love that about Alison Krauss.

2) I broke the cardinal rule for hairstylists which is do not EVER cut your own hair! No matter how fabulous of a stylist you believe you are and HOW desperate you feel, DON'T DO IT!! My bangs were hideously over grown and my layers too heavy. I conned myself into believing that this time, unlike the others, would be different. Well........ it wasn't. It's just that there's a flexibility issue and a lack of visibility. I am in so much trouble with Gina!!! (hairstylist to the hairstylist)

3) I have a stack of "to read" books that is 6 high right now. I am freaking out because I want to read them all but I have no time! I am a compulsive reader and when I begin to read..... well life stops. Dinners cease to be cooked, laundry putrefies, and children feel neglected. What's a mom to do?


Stacey said...

I can't wait to see your hair this morning at church!

I know what you mean about reading the books. Once I start, I can't stop. Too many books, too little time!