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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Let me introduce you to this awesome organization

Hi guys! Today I thought I would write about an organization I really value. Dustin and I have been contributing to this organization for over 2 years now. It's the International Justice Mission or IJM. Find it at

IJM is a Christian human rights group that fights for justice (as the name implies) on behalf of those most likely to be abused by government. I found out about them via a PBS special about human trafficking. The man who started IJM is named Gary Haugen. He has written a book titled "The Good News About Injustice." Go read it or ask to borrow my copy. It's a good read (not cheerful, but important).

This group is NO JOKE! It is a professional and hardworking organization. They get the job done and are extremely effective in aiding victims. They fight HARD against human trafficking and do a remarkable job. While they get a lot of press for their trafficking efforts they are in the business of helping the poor, widows and children just as the Bible mandates.

I know we all have a building campaign coming up and we are all excited about what we can contribute to that, so I don't write asking you to contribute (unless you feel called to) but please at least make yourself familiar with this organization and let your friends and family know about it too. The season for giving may not be right for you but maybe a freind or relative would be able.

Love to all!


Stacey said...

Great link Jen. I'm going to check into it and see what they are all about. Thanks!