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Monday, October 6, 2008

In The Kitchen

Well guys, I'm going to attempt to do some Ethiopian cooking. There is a local Ethiopian Market here in Phoenix but I figured I wouldn't get very far there considering the language barrier. I didn't envision the shopping trip being super successful with me asking for spices and herbs I've never seen before and them possibly not knowing the English name. So, I figure I will learn what they look like and be able to spot them when I go to market to restock next go-round. That way if something gets lost in translation I can at least look at the spices and see if the appear correct.
I ordered a few hard(er) to find spices at the Spice House. I felt comfortable ordering from them because I have heard wonderful things about their quality and I don't want to have to run around to several stores when I can easily (read that lazily) order good quality spices online. The Spice House's recipe for Berbere look a little too exotic and excessive compared to other authentic berbere recipies I've seen and seeing as they are in the business of selling exotic spices I opted to forgo purchasing their spice mix. I know I can at least get this right at market.

Dustin and I are planning a pre-travel party with friends and family and I am going to order much of the Ethiopian portion of the menu from a local woman who makes take-out. Nan's Beef Alecha is highly recommened by a friend and I can't wait to give it a try. I also plan to order injera and a few other traditional dishes from her. A few others I will attempt myself out af a cookbook a dear freind got me as a Christmas gift last year. The easier ones that is! About 3 ingredients or less. I figure it's a good idea to let the pro's do the cooking for the sake of our party guests. I do plan to give injera a whirl on my own in the future but I don't want to cook it under pressure and I want our guests first encounter with Ethiopian food to be authentic (and pleasant, I might add. hahaha)


Julie said...

Natalie will be so excited for more injera. She keeps asking for it ever since Tara's party.

beBOLDjen said...

I've been craving ET food too. Can't wait to eat some more. Aimee recommended Nan's beef alecha. I wish I knew how to make Tina's potatos. They were so yummy. Made with a spice I wasn't familiar with.

That's great Natalie likes injera. The girls are't thrilled with it.

Stacey said...

I'm excited to come hang out and try some of the wonderful food! I wonder what my children will think of it? Josh is into trying new things so we'll see. I can't wait, Jen!

Pamela Dawn said...

Oh boy Jen, I sure wish that I lived in your neck of the woods!! (And if I did, Leah and Analsye would be over cooking that yummy food from Ethiopia for you!! They truly miss real injera- (the grain from Ethiopia instead of corn meal- They (the girls) are good cooks! WE live on a little island and the closes Ethiopian food market is up in Washington DC- about 6 hours from us- One hint would be bring ready made berberey home from Ethopia when you come- I am now out completely- So, I am glad that there is a trip back to Ethiopia in my near future!! By the way, if I mailed you some things, do you think that you could get them to the CWA house in Addis? WE would love to get a picture book of our family to our new kids.... (CWA is not this any longer- why i'm not sure, as it is really a great idea - The girls loved their book and gifts. Please let me know!! And Jen, I would love to come hang out and eat food with you all!! Blessings Pam