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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friends Abroad.

Hi everyone! I've got a busy day planned for today but before the craziness hits I wanted to hop on and post. I am going to a party given for adoptive families hosted by an Ethiopian woman who attends Surafel's church. I am looking forward to it.

Five families from our agency are traveling to Ethiopia this week. Here's a list with links to their blogs if you want to follow along on their adventures.

Susan of the Schmidts wins an award for bringing MOST luggage. She and her hubby are brave to travel internationally with all those donations in tow. It means a lot more effort on their part. What loving hearts they have! God bless 'em

Amy of the Lusses wrote me an email a while back telling me she felt connected to me. I had to giggle because I felt the same about her. I appreciate this lady so much. She is going to take some photos of our Jonas for us. We are SO thankful! Her video of their son Azana made me cry. You can see it on her blog.

The Van Wettens and the Redferns are a part of the famous YG I am forever talking about. We are praying for them. There is one other family which doesn't have a blog who is travelling with this group.

I will be stalking these blogs eager to see our dear friends with their kids. SO exciting!!!