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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- Financial Concerns

Who doesn't have financial concerns these days!!?

Ours have arisen following an email for our Program Director informing us of increases to our adoption fees to the tune if $1385.00 to be exact. Two things: first of all God has provided every step of the way for this adoption and I don't believe He's going to stop now and second I am telling ya I am not enthused about the increase. Especially at the time of year when, with the holidays approaching, more money is flowing out.

To keep perspective I remind myself that costs are going up in Ethiopia and at home and our agency is struggling to continue the level of care for the children it is responsible for. There are other factors too. I don't feel like going into them right now.I hear other agencies are struggling as well. I heard a report of one agency just closing it's doors. Leaving families without anything. All their money gone. I'd much rather AWAA let us know this way and take steps to continue the process for it's families than leave us high and dry!!

I know there are valid reasons for the increase. Do I like it? NO. Will I pay? You becha. I am anxious to see how the Lord will provide the funds we need for travel, especially during these turbulent financial times for the US.

Every night Dustin and I talk about how to weather proof our business against the stormy season ahead. We wonder how we can increase productivity and cut expenses while maintaining our current workforce. We wonder how our industry will be impacted. Already, we are seeing sings of slowing this week.

We placed ourselves in a position of utter reliance upon him for our survival a LONG time ago. Since that time the LORD has never disappointed and has been not only faithful to us but given more abundantly than we couldn't have imagined. It's a miracle we are at this point. By moving the hearts of friends and family around us the Lord provided much of the money needed for the adoption. I have no doubt that the Lord will provide the rest of the money needed. We may need to get creative once more. Tighten our belts in new ways. That's a minuscule sacrifice compared the joy of welcoming home our son!! So on one hand I can say we are concerned but on the other I can say we are confident and hopeful.

We still have enough in the Eternal Family Fund to cover our accommodations while in Ethiopia and possibly some food and driver costs even with the fee increase. We will however need to come up with more for the airfare. We had been plugging away at that though this month I began shopping for Christmas gifts to get a head start on the holiday in light of travel and all. Now I feel like I should have waited. The little I've spent so far is all the more that could have gone to tickets. Poor hubby's hopes of having first class seats for the ride home when Jonas will be riding on our laps may have just gone up in smoke. I was hoping the return flight First Class tickets would be our Christmas gift to each other. Again, Oh well. It may be that I encourage some heavy drinking during the flight in hopes that my hyperactive hubby will pass out :) hahahaha I am far more worried about his behaviour than I am about the baby's. HAHA He's gotten stir crazy on a 5 hour flight before. I can't imagine how he'll do 18 hrs on a plane!

We consider ourselves to be the fortunate ones in this situation. Others with AWAA who are further behind us in the process have had their fees increase well over $7000.00. Can you imagine the panic they feel? No, I'll take $1385 over $7000 any day.


Stacey said...

Wow! What an amazing attitude you have about the whole thing. It's so great that we as Christians know that God will provide as He always does!

Kimberly Kulp said...

Praying for you and your financial concerns, Jen and Family! Please let us know what we can do to help. I can't wait to hear that you have passed court! That's a stressful day that I am looking forward to!

Much LOVE,