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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Miracles and Suffering

Hello dear friends and any visitors who may be stopping by. Please Go Here and see this. (be warned the link for this is emotionally upsetting)

Really what is there to say? If those pictures don't stir us what will?

Lord I am so humbled. Who am I that You have given me such a life of privilege? I am one of the wealthy elite of this earth. Afforded pleasure when others suffer and die. I want for nothing. Oh Lord, I regret the days I have wasted! Forgive me that I have failed to use Your wealth as You would have me use it. I repent of every selfish indulgence, every greedy act of grasping for more. You, Yourself have granted me my every need and more. I am so grieved at knowing I have failed at times to give You thanks and praise for all that I have. Forgive my blindness and hardness of heart. Heal me and cause me to see, to feel, and to love in deeds and action. To look upon the needs of others and not merely gasp or shake my head while whispering "what a pity." Cause me to be faithful to Your cause!! Jesus what is this life but a brief flash and then it's gone. Grant me wisdom and recall to my mind how fleeting my time is. Do not let me grow distracted. Lord it would be better for me to die this moment than to live my days is wasteful rebellion and self indulgence! Do not let my lips fail to praise You all the days of my life! You, Mighty God do not need me to accomplish Your miracles. You don't NEED me for anything. OH but I NEED YOU!!! Thank You that You never leave or forsake me. Thank you that You will not leave me in this pit, but You will lift me out and cause me to share in Your work. Let me be blessed to be a blessing to others! Let me proclaim the greatness of the Lord and glorify His name! In Jesus.... So be it!!