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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh What a Day!

Church was awesome today! I was so filled with joy. Just looking around at familiar faces, people I know well, and others that I have grown to recognize after months of attending the same service hour. I was enjoying watching them get their praise on! It was so uplifting to my soul. Everyone was getting down to thepraise music. We had a darling couple in front of us, which included a woman I got to know at the woman's retreat, she and her hubby were dancing and clapping together in a way which just filled my heart with joy. To our left (mine and Dustin's that is) were the parents of a child we've had in the 4/5 class and whom we adore. They were doing just like our friends in front and booging down. To the right of us was a couple I recognized from seeing them around church. The husband gave a huge whistle and a hoot after our Praise Band gituarist performed a great solo and once again I couldn't keep from smiling. There were others too. Too many to list for you. All of us in Christ. Praising His name together.

What fun! God is so good. There's nothing like the fellowship of Christ! Oh that all the world would join together in this way!

I forgot to tell you that on Fri we girls were having a designated "Praise" day in our house. We decided to sing our prayers instead of just saying them. Miss Allyse was singing her luchtime blessing and was on quite a roll singing to the Lord that He was "wonderful, beautiful," and my favorite after a tiny pause she added "Praise-i-full." I just loved it! Too cute!


The Montee's said...

I liked reading your entry, Jen. I don't know if you know, but we recently switched churches and I am longing for the comfort and familiarity you wrote about. Even w/o the relationships formed, though, there is always joy in seeing others praise God. Even if you don't "know" relate to them. And although I am seeking the relationships, until they happen, in time, I will praise w/ them...knowing they are people of God there is no shame or embarassment to open my eyes, my heart and my voice in their presence.

Stacey said...

That is so cute that you had a singing prayer time... I love it! That Allyse is too cute for words!

I get goosebumps when I'm in a big group of people and we're all praising and worshiping together. You can feel the Spirit working all around you!!

Derrick Logan said...

Hey Jen! It's great to find other PVCers blogging! It was a very special time worshiping this past weekend. It's amazing seeing so many people engaging in worship together!

Keep praisin'!

Jen said...

Thanks for droppin' by Derrick. Thanks for being a brave male soul and posting a comment, as I think my blog is pretty estrogen driven. You do a great job every week leading worship!!