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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some Help Please!

I need ideas! Please help me! Dustin and I will be celebrating our 8th anniversary August 14th and I am just plain out of ideas. Our budget is considerably smaller this year for many reasons and I am not even sure how likely it is that we will be able to get a sitter, SOOOOO I am reaching out to you, dear friends, for advice. I'm looking for you all to help me get my creative juices flowing, or I may just plain steal your creative ideas for celebrating our anniversary.

Now would also be a really fun time for you to share one of your personal favorite romantic memories (as I always love to hear romantic stories!) Maybe a great date you and your loved one once had, a special dinner, whatever you think might spark some ingenuity or maybe one that you'd just enjoy sharing. I have one which I already posted about (which could probably be voted least likely to be romantic but somehow ended up being that anyway.)

One of my favorite anniversary celebrations was the year after our oldest daughter Rienne was born. We packed up our truck, our 7 month old girl, two dogs, various camping paraphernalia (so glad Dustin made me register for camping gear instead of china!! haha) and headed up to the Mogollon Rim in the lovely Tonto National Forest . We had so much fun. The rim was so near the clouds that the evening rain showers left the impression that we could jump straight up into the nexus of the rain cloud and see the origin on the storm. Every evening we were treated to a spectacular show. Rain poured and instant streams were created (most of them heading straight for our tent... but never mind that.) The thick heavy evening air became chilled and refreshed with each fresh water drop. The lightening blazed bright and screamed so loud and near that I imagined we narrowly escaped becoming deaf and blind. Our dogs nearly peed themselves and ran off terrified (The baby amazingly slept through it all. Who says miracles don't happen in our time!?) I had never experienced thunder at that proximity before. The sheer nearness of it was awe inspiring. I sat there entranced by the storm. The sound waves rumbling deep in my chest, my eyes ablaze and nose filled with the scent of wet pine. It stirred something in me (see numbers 13 and 14) . Dustin felt it too. We couldn't help but wear beaming smiles. What a way to celebrate!!


Julie said...

Oh my goodness. That's our anniversary too!!!! I did not know that we shared that! I was going to say that I would babysit for you but I guess that won't work will it :-) But I've got sitter names if you need them!

Couple of ideas. If you want to "get away" you can usually find some decent hotel deals in town in the summer. There's always priceline. You could end up staying in a really nice hotel for $60-70.

Also, there's "The Melting Pot" for restaurants. Plan to spend $100 on dinner but it's a 3 hour affair - everything fondue. The appetizer is cheese, dinner can be steak, chicken, seafood or combo. And dessert is chocolate of course. They even have these booths that are "curtained" off so it's all private and cozy. There's two locations in town but you should call soon and make a reservation if you're interested.

I have yet to take hubby there but I've been 3 times with girlfriends. My brother took his wife there on the night he proposed.

Jen said...

HOw funny. We have the same anniversary!!! It is always great for room deals! I actually really love having our anniv. in the middle of the summer. I might have to take you up on getting the names of some babysitters from the church.

I have heard a lot of positive reviews about the Melting Pot. maybe we can check it out. I'll Google it and see if they have a web site I can check out.

Thanks for the help Julie.... and Happy soon-to-be-anniversary!!!

Stacey said...

I would be more than happy to watch the girls for you! I know Josh and Rienne would have a blast trying to out-talk each other. Plus, I'm sure Seth and Ally could get into some trouble :-)

Jeff once took me to a park, set up a table with candles and a table cloth. He brought Italian dinner (from Fazoli's) and dessert. It was so fun and romantic just to be together!

I'm with Julie about the melting pot, too. It's always fun. Kind of expensive but totally worth it!

Anyway, let me know if you need a sitter... I would be oh so happy to help out Jen!!

Anonymous said...

I am not the person to ask this one! Last anniversary I made him Mac N Cheese with hot dogs in it for dinner??! I wish you luck! Kisses...Amy

Brooke said...

Wes and I ordered a big cookie from Great American Cookie Company, way out in Tempe at Fiesta Mall. It said Locked Together, and it had these two dead bolts on it, I really just picked one that had tons of icing on it. It was so fun, we didn't plan a dinner, and then we drove up to South Mountain Park. And yes, it was through the ghetto, and I loved it when it got there. It was a great getaway.

Jen said...

I love the picnic idea, and the cookie idea. Both fun and inexpensive. Now that we purchased the new frige I joked that we will be eating crackers and cheeze wiz. ahahahaha. The thought of that makes me feel sick actually.

Stacey said...

I'm so serious about helping with the girls! Please consider it Jen.

I promise I wouldn't loose any of them :-)