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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Down and Dirty Dossier Style

I am having a hair ripping out kind of day today! I had a physical examination performed by my PCP over a month ago. They failed to fill out the one little line which stated what my vision is. So then I had to go have a separate vision exam. I thought that just a printed copy of the exam signed by the doc would be okay BUT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!!

You got it! It needs to be notarized and once again I am at the complete mercy of the Optometrist to get this vital form completed. When I called the office his receptionist took a tone of voice with me that made my blood boil and let me know in no uncertain terms that this was quite unusual and would be up to the doctor's discretion whether or not he'd do this for us.

Oh yea!? Well I just spent, at my discretion, over $500.00 to have an eye exam and new glasses made in your store, I HOPE the darn doctor could spare a moment to write a letter and sign it FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE PEOPLE!!! I will even provide a mobile notary to come to his office for him.

UGH! I hate days like today! I hate jumping through these hoops and I hate the effect it has on my stomach (can you say ULCER!?)


Carpenters said...

How frustrating! We'll be praying that God opens the heart of the doctor and he will sign this form with the notary. Philippians 4:6-7 is taped to my computer and it is such a good reminder to me when things like this happen. We'll be praying.

God bless,

Stacey said...

I can't believe it! How much more do you have to go through??

I'm still praying for your family Jen. I know it will all be over eventually!

The Montee's said...

that does sound like a rough day, Jen! I hope your w/end has been better...enjoy the holiday.