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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary Day!

Dustin came home bearing this beautiful bouquet for me. Isn't it AMAZING!? He is so thoughtful!
Our anniversary is today. I love him so! What a life he's given me! What a family he's provided for me! I am so blessed. He is the most beautiful, loving, compassionate, hard working, strong, faithful, trustworthy, adoring, considerate, thoughtful, gentle, funny, generous, honest, patient, level headed, romantic, loving best friend and husband. I am so thankful for him. There's no man like my man!

In an earlier post I asked for help in deciding what to do to celebrate this our 8th year of marriage. Dustin and I decided that we would like to get out of the heat and so we are staying this weekend in Prescott. We really are outdoorsy people (it's just that we have hardly had enough time to get out of doors since we opened our business in Oct of 2004 to do the things we so love to do, like camping, fishing and hiking)

I am so excited about our plans!! I am hoping to talk him into a picnic up at a nearby lake in the evening on Saturday for our celebratory dinner (if the weather up there is not too hot still). I am sure I can convince him to bring along a fishing pole also, and thus inspire his interest in the picnic (wink, wink)! I hope to get some antiquing done while in Prescott which is always so much fun. Last time I went antiquing up there I went with my beloved friend Brooke F. who helped me find some great stuff. every time I look at those items I am reminded of our lovely day together! Now, I hope to find something that will remind me of my day with Dustin when we go!

Last night after we snagged the very last room at the Hassayampa Inn I laughed and told him, "Oooh, I'm gonna make you go in every antique store they have up there!" We both laughed hard because we knew it might be true! Good thing my dearest husband loves me so and indulges me every once in a while!!! But, I vow to be considerate of him too!
I will try to remember my camera to share some of our weekend adventures with you.


The Montee's said...

have fun in Prescott, Jen!! :) Happy Anniversary!!

Stacey said...

That is awesome! Happy Anniversary you two. I'm so glad you're able to get away and enjoy some alone time!!