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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One of the Best Books...

Ok, It's one of the best books I've ever read!!

You, Yea, you!!!..... Go out and purchase There is No Me Without You I promise you'll not regret it! I scarffed this book down in three nights. Most of the time I was drenched with tears. This book is a wake up call for average folks like us. It was especially important that I read this book because it is all about Ethiopia and the Aids epidemic. It is unique because the greater story of the Aids pandemic in Ethiopia and beyond to the continent of Africa as a while is entwined with the life of one woman. Her road is one that twists and turns through the deepest suffering of life. Death dying, and suffering surround her. She decides to begin to take in orphans who's parents died of the extremely taboo disease; Aids. She risks being shunned by her whole community (and at times she is shunned) Literally, there is no one else to take the children some of whom are infected or starving themselves and on the brink of death. I won't go further but I do want to say that it's not all death and gloom, there are some encouraging things included as well. The author has a knack for telling the grim deails without overwhelming the reader. You'll be touched and outraged but it won't push you further than your desire to become more informed can handle.

This is literally the story of my son's homeland. It's the life he'll be plucked up out of. Our family will never be able to walk away from Ethiopia's suffering now that we know about it, especially, once we have our son. I don't know what the future holds, but I pray that if there is any role for our family in serving to meet the needs of the people in ET that He would open those doors to us.

Please go read this book or borrow my copy. I need you to know what life is like for millions of people in Africa and specifically Ethiopia. I promise you that you will never look at life the same again!


Brooke said...

I know a friend that came back from a month long mission trip to Africa. I am not sure of the whereabouts, but he came home and said he felt like that could be his home. The people were amazingly loving, caring, helpful, and had amazing hearts. Unlike the majority of our country. They are satisfied with very little and they love much. You will be blessed to meet many from this continent. You will be changed!