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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

The lovely rose Dustin gave me.
The grill of an old Brush make car

Well, Dustin and I had a wonderful time in Prescott. We enjoyed every bit of our time together and were so relaxed we couldn't get over it! The hotel was decent. Being historic it had an old time elevator that had no doors on it save the door to each floor. The hotel staff had to operate the elevator. I felt like I was in an old Turner classic movie, the kind I used to watch with my grandma. So fun!

Our room was tiny (totally to be expected in a historic building) and so was everything else for that matter. We were on the fourth floor.The bathroom had a sink which gulped the water down the drain for the full four floors long after the water flow was shut off. There was a strange constant buzzing, and when the a/c kicked on I felt as if I were standing near a jet engine. Dustin and I decided it all added to the charm (although, to be honest, the Wigwam Resort's summer rates are comparable to what we paid to stay at the Hassayampa Inn and the accommodations are a league above the inn's)

We got up nice and early Saturday and had a beautiful breakfast.Dustin got me that beautiful pink rose and it was the most fragrant rose I think I've ever smelled. It filled our whole room with it aroma.

We headed out after breakfast to go antiquing. I found the most amazing thing while shopping. My maternal grandfather was the first of his family to be born in the U.S. His parents were from Lucca, Italy. While in an antique store I found an old picture out of an architectural magazine of a basilica in Lucca, Italy. I bought if for my mom as a thank you gift for babysitting our girls this weekend. She was thrilled when we gave it to her today and I felt blessed that I ran into such a treasure. I mean, what a real blessing!

We happened upon a classic car show and stopped to wander amongst the various oldies. It was so much fun. There were cars ranging from the 30's all the way through the 80's.

Next was lunch at a great restaurant. It was so fun to laugh with my best friend and just sit around lunching, laughing and enjoying the other's company (as apposed to the usual routine scarfing down our food before the kids have their fill of sitting still.)

We then went off to fish and picnic at Goldwater Lake. It was all so great!


Stacey said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip. I'm so glad you got to get away and just be together. That's all that counts! Great pictures!!