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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biometrics and other news

We followed up with USCIS today for our scheduled re-fingerprinting. (You can read here about why this was necessary.)

We were in and out in an hour (a remarkable improvement from last time.) This should be the only paperwork we'll need to update. All else is good to go.

I've been feeling remarkably calm the last few days. I don't have the nervous feeling every time the phone rings. I did wake up this morning feeling like we are REALLY close to getting The Call but it wasn't a debilitating feeling and I was able to move through the day without being consumed by it. In the afternoon I checked our YG to find that three families had received calls. Two of them received referrals for boy/girl sibling sets and the other family received a referral for a girl. So, that's 5 kids all together. 5 kids with new families to belong to. Praise God!


kangaj1 said...

You're SO close, Jen! Praying for you!
Melissa Juvinall

Steve and Anna said...

Thinking about you as close! I am praying for peace for all of us as we wait! It will be so exciting to get the news when you get the call!
Anna Stager

Stacey said...

That's awesome that those kids are getting new families! I love hearing that the Lord is working in their little lives and finding them people to love and care for them.

You're almost there Jen!

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

whoo girlie! It's coming!