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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- More Fingerprinting

Golly it's been a whole 4 plus months since I've had the blessing of posting about some annoying paperwork or appointment we needed to make. I know you've really been missing out on my griping. So I thought I would give you what I knew you'd been missin'.

Today I mailed off a check for $140.00 to the Dept. of Homeland Security requesting an appointment to have our biometrics taken once again (I am SO proud of all you non-adoptive readers because I know you actually know what those are by now. You lovely, faithful readers you!)

Turns out that the one free extension only applies to the I600a form NOT the biometrics
required for the I600a. (I know I might have lost you for a second.... the I600a is paper that requests advance processing of The Boy's visa... Oh, that's right, you remember now.) The I-171h approval form (that's the one which says your I600a form was approved.... gotta love the government and it's FUN form numbering system) is "good" for 18 months. The fingerprints are only valid for 15 months.

"Convenient!" you say.

I know.

So we've buckled down and settled in for the long haul of the court closure as the cliff hanger continues. One fine day in the future I'll thrill you with the details of yet another trip to our local
USCIS office for more fingerprinting.


Carpenters said...

Jen, you're a riot! You make paperwork interesting. I'm sorry you'll have to get this done again, but you're on top of it. Way to go!

With Love,

Jori said...

Our fingerprints exp. in Sept so we are with ya. I just don't WANT to do them again! I am feeling like it is all paperwork ~ we will get done sometime right? I am hoping for a "short" summer!
Blessings, Jori
DTE 02/19 either x2