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Monday, June 9, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- What to Say?

I am still more busy than words can express and the list of things weighing on my heart is too long to mention right now. One of the most pressing issues tonight is the news delivered to me by my friend Kim who told me that our dear Pastor Surefel was up until the wee early morning hours discussing the urgent need for funds for the Hope for the Hopeless Orphanages in ET. The kids are now only eating injera and food costs have risen so drastically. The news is that the famine is taking it's toll. Kim and my friend Brooke will be traveling in just over a week to see first hand the situation. Please pray for the children. Please pray for funds as there are several opportunities we are pursuing right now. Pray that the need is met. Pray for deliverance.

In other news we are certain that we will be waiting through the court closure this year. We will need to have our biometrics updated (that's fingerprints in laymen's terms). While we certainly aren't looking forward to more paperwork or additional costs related to the adoption we knew this could come with the territory. We certainly feel the sting of the prolonged wait but we know that we can't feel too sorry for ourselves. God is certainly working out the details and He knows so much better than we do. His plans are good. I've gone rounds with the enemy this week and last fighting discouragement but I feel the Lord has set our hearts in stone this week placing a new found strength to resist the temptation to feel forgotten about during the wait. I sense the call to more fervent prayer for our son. My heart is ever so heavy thinking of the famine and what he might experience. In all of this God has blessed us with the ability to rejoice with our friends as they are preparing to bring home their kids.

Sunday at church was awesome. Greg delivered a sermon which was, I am sure, difficult to share but He was blessed of God and was full of His truth. It rocked the house. Dustin and I looked at each other with jaws dropped. We sure love a good talkin' too ;) Waves of good, healthy conviction swept over us. Greg didn't pull any punches. He straight up preached. Dustin and I agreed it was as much needed for ourselves as for anyone else there as we set about asking God to remove the planks in our own eyes before we picked at the speck of another's. Ah, the joys of working out our salvation and what it truly means to be a servant of Christ. That's something to chew on for a lifetime!! I will have to share more about the sermon and what PVC is up to at a later date. Possibly even link to Greg's podcast or something. For now I am off to bed.