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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Great Time

We had a wonderful time at the resort. Dustin worked only half the day and got home early so we could check in and maximize our time by the pool before dinner. When we arrived there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me. The room was large and had a great view of the second pool.

We had lunch at the main pool and then soaked in the water for a few hours. It was so relaxing.

We headed back to get cleaned up for dinner. A bottle of champagne awaited our arrival. We sipped and readied ourselves. Dinner was a Red's Steakhouse. It was our second time dinning there and to be honest the food really isn't that great. We both had been underwhelmed during our first experience and the second time confirmed it. Too pricey and not enough yum for the dollar. We won't be returning there again. We had a leisurely dinner and then headed back. We sat on the balcony and chatted for along time enjoying the quiet evening together (in the 100 degree heat)

It was just one night away but it felt like a vacation and now our batteries are recharged. We had a great time.


Stacey said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time together and enjoyed your "vacation!" It's always nice to get away even for a night!

Rob & Candy said...

wow, it sounds like you had a nice time. Happy (belated) anniversary.