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Monday, August 18, 2008


We had our usual late lunch date after tear down with our friends this Sunday. The choice was Chinese. My friend asked me, "Doesn't watching the Olympics make you hungry for Chinese food? With all the Chinese music in the background it makes me crave Chinese food."

I laughed at her. "Actually, the thing that runs through my mind constantly is how horrible it makes me feel to plop my behind on the couch for a week and watch all these people doing amazing feats while I just sit there." It makes me feel really guilty. Like I need to get up and do something physical. Like sit ups. Or a few push-up maybe. I don't know. Just something.

So that's it. I am making a change. I am going to be a little secretive about it for now but be warned. Dustin and I are cooking up something. We're doing it together. You know what that means?! Either we'll be iron sharpening iron or we'll drive each other completely and certifiably nuts-o. Probably a little of both. No matter. It needed to be done.

I wonder how many other countless folks around the world have been inspired by the Olympic Games to get off their duffs and go do?


Brooke said...

You made me laugh, I never thought you would blog about that question. But what is neat, is the inspiration you feel about getting physically fit. Taking care of our temple seems to be the hardest things for Christians. We would never put a can of Coke into our gas in our car, but we put in our body? It would damage our car, so why don't we think about our body? A thought that I often think about when craving a Coke! But I think it is great, that you and Dustin want to start this. You model other Godly ways to your kids, and this just adds to it. You are building a more beautiful crown in heaven, yea!!!!

Stacey said...

We've been inspired, too. We actually got the wii fit and have been trying to work out each day. So far so good and I'm actually feeling it in my body so it must be working! I'm excited to see the changes and feel better about myself. Glad you shared your story, too!

Chinese Food said...

I have to say that by watching olympic games really inspired me to have some Chinese Food too! lol...

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

I love the olympics....and Chinese food!! This could be the week girl!!!