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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- Donations

As we begin to think about the reality of travel I have become overwhelmed at the thought of all that needs to happen between now and then. The biggest thing at the top of my to do list is orphanage donations. I thought I would hop on here and let you all know that Dustin and I would be more than happy to collect donations from anyone who has a desire to give. We plan to pack VERY lightly so that we can maximize our space for donations.

I have felt a little pressure because I know space is limited and we are so burdened for for Hope for the Hopeless (H4H) facilities. Mainly because we know there is little support for them right now. I feel conflicted about how much we ought to give to the AWAA Transition Home compared to the H4H homes. I know many other families with our agency will cover the needs of the Transition Home (TH) but I don't want to appear as though we don't appreciate the staff of our TH and all they have done for us.

Of course we also plan to bring cash and either make purchases there or hand funds over to the H4H (Hope for the Hopeless) folks for food. They are not getting any meat in their diet these days and are subsisting on 2 small meals a day. Some children have been fainting in school lately so I know money would be most appreciated.

We do, however, recognize that people without a personal relationship with Surefel and his staff may not feel as comfortable giving cash so we are providing a list of other items for those of you who have asked about donating. We will be collecting formula with DHA for the TH and medical supplies for the H4H street child intake center. Other items which would be greatly appreciated are:

Clothing for older children (ages 4 and up)
Art/craft supplies
games/small toys of all kinds (jump ropes, deflated soccer balls, etc)
Children's music CD's
Books for all ages

You can email me at if you have any questions.



Julie said...

I was shopping online last night trying to find the cheapest children's vitamins I could. I came up with these:

Remember we can also send stuff with Pastor Sureful in Sept.

Kim said...

I am there count me in sista

!! don't worry it will happen you just get the word out and it will all happen.

the Steiger's said...

Do not feel bad about TH. I brought way too much stuff for them and looking back I would do it other way. Call me if you want to talk donations. I did do a post about it. Also if you call airline ahead that you are bringing humanitarian aid they will let you with extra suitcase. But you have to call ahead. (I am not sure if all airlines do that)
love, LEnka

Stacey said...

I would love to help out Jen. I'll see what I can come up with. It may not be a lot but every little bit helps, right?

Brooke said...

My parents are wanting to send a ton of vitamins... they need a ton. I noticed on my children's vitamins that iron and calcium are not in them. Supplements of these would be great for people to donate as well! Just a thought for those looking to donate nutritional items.