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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Oh My Goodness... what did we get ourselves into!?

hahahaha J/K we're not freaking out that bad! Some thoughts which have been running through my mind as I anxiously await to hear if we have been accepted into the El Salvador program through AWAA:

1) I wonder if my son will resemble every Hispanic boy I see. Wondering what my bundle of joy will look like has me super excited for the day we get the referral with a picture enclosed.

2) Will the social worker think we're a bunch of kooks living in this house!? My guess is yes, but that it won't prevent us from being able to adopt! (I hope so anyway)

3) Like any parent wonders before adding another child to their home... How are our other kids going to feel when the spotlight is turned on our new arrival?

4) I really wish I had payed more attention in Spanish class in High School... now I have to learn from scratch and in a jiffy!!!! Rienne has a pretty good head start on us... maybe I can use her as a translator!?

5) We requested a male child between the age of newborn to 2 years. What will we get? Who knows? We ask ourselves questions like: what if the child is older and has to relearn language all over again.... will that delay him? What if he has a name that will be hard to pronounce? Should we even change the name at all if he is older? What would having a foreign sounding name make him feel like when he's growing up in the US, and in school would he be teased?

The list goes on and on and on......... I guess all of those things are to be dealt with as they come up, but I just wanted to share some of the crazy questions we have floating around in this house.

We have shared our news with all of our parents and they were very positive. They are on board with us, which is a confidence builder.

10 days. That's how long it will take for us to hear the news if we have been accepted or not. I'll keep you posted!

Brooke left a message which touched me heart and made a point which I had already been thinking of. Our son is about to be/has been conceived, or is born already. Please pray for Him and for his care. The hardest part about adoption is knowing that you can't be there during those precious early moments to assure you child of your love for them. I must trust him to God's care and rely on Christ's suffiency for my child. I must release him to God who is the best Father of all, and in the end every parent must do the same.


Sharon said...

Hi there!
My husband and I are adopting from ES through AWAA. I was googling when I came across your family's blog.
I have some questions: Was AWAA allowing you guys to apply to a second country while you were in process with Ethiopia? What's the timeline there?!? We're interested in the same thing...just opposite of you guys!! :)
Thanks for any info you can give! Blessings,