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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some Pictures

I made a fun little project for Jonas today. While shopping at Babies R Us for some essentials we'll need for our precious boy we came across a plastic photo book. It looks like it can withstand some wear and tear, not to mention a fair amount of drool. I couldn't resist the opportunity to make baby's first photo book for him. I was able to get online and download an Amharic keyboard so I could type out the translations for Father, Mother, Sisters, and Beloved Child. The photos aren't great but you can get the gist. I want so badly to show off the adorable pictures of Jonas but I must wait. I hope and pray I can get this over to him before we arrive. I can imagine the nannies holding him on their laps while he bats at the strange looking people in the pictures.

**** By now even I am sick of seeing myself use the same photos for everything, but you see I refuse to have any new family photos taken without our boy Jonas. It just wouldn't feel right. I feel his absence too much, so the overused photos will remain in protest of our separation until he arrives home. Then, I will be running us to the nearest photog!!

As promised, though a little late, here are the girls showing off their earrings.

Rory couldn't spare the extra two minutes to let me take another picture of her. She's a busy girl, you know, and isn't a huge fan of posing for pictures or performing for home videos. What can I do? She can't blame me when she's older and has 50% less photos from her childhood than her siblings.


Stacey said...

I love that photo album. How neat that he will have pictures of you before you get there! Hang in there Jen... he'll be here before you know it :o)

I love the girls with their earrings. They are too cute!

Pamela Dawn said...

Hey Jen, Hi! The picture book is great! We sent a book like that to China before we went to get Dylan, and he had it when we got him- several months later- we sent some other items that didn't make it... but, he knew ma ma and ba ba- (had no idea what a mom and dad were - but knew the words!! (he had been in an orphanage since birth, and we got him at 3+ years old.The nannies showed him the picture and repeatedly said ma ma..) With our next 3 sibling group, they have an older brother that could not take care of them and he was too old to be adopted. The photo book we sent, the kids got to see us and then the older brother got to keep the book. So he has an idea who we are and where the kids are now. Helps everyone.... The girls were older when we got them 2 years ago, and they have som really neat little stories to tell about the book and showing it around!! I am hoping that you will get to travel soon, that Oct date for the courts opening is coming up!! We hope to travel to bring home our next sibling group around Christmas, I am like you- just waiting, and it is hard... Our referral is for 2 little boys and a little girl my new babies, (8,9, and 11) I enjoy your blog and your family is beautiful- and I can not wait for the new photo's- blessings, Pam

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

You keep protesting girl!!! I hear you loud and clear! LOL That album is amazing! Great job! Could you let me know how you found the Amharic keyboard you downloaded? That sounds really neat!
We're praying for a quick court date for you guys! And we'd be more than happy to take your wonderful package to your little guy!!! It would be such a privilege!!! Our court date is Oct. 8...Lord willing we make it through the first time and get to keep the tentative travel dates AWAA gave us this week.
Take care,
Amy Lusse

Brooke said...
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beBOLDjen said...

Amy thanks so much for the offer!!!! YES! :))))

Jori said...

I love the Amharic ~ you so rock! Praying for smooth sailing when the courts re-open for eveyone!! The girls are adorable and I am so with you on the photos! My sister-in-law wants family photos of eveyone for Christmas and we are protesting until our girls get home!! Praying for November travel for us!
love, jori

Carpenters said...

Jen, I'm finally catching up on my favorite blogs. I have so missed knowing how you all are doing. The album looks great! Jonas (and the nannies) will love it. How is learning Amharic going? I so admire you for attempting to learn the language.

With Love,