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Monday, September 22, 2008


I've been bitten by the Nesting Bug. I've come down with a case of Momma Mania. It's almost been a month since we received our referral for Jonas. Courts reopen in just a few weeks. Up to this point I had restrained from purchasing anything for the little guy but all that has changed. I've let loose the flood gates. It feels weird to be spending the money now only because we've been scrimping and saving for many months now, but these are all things we need.

I made Jonas a baby blankie last night. I thought the fuzzy trim would be textural and fun but I think it kinda made the blanket look girly. Oh well. One side is satin and the other is soft and fuzzy.

I also ordered a black sling this weekend. I can't wait to get that and give it a whirl. I plan to make my sister come over with my big chunk of a nephew Ethan (11mos) and see if I can get the little guy to sit still long enough for auntie to wear him around for a bit in the sling. A test drive of sorts.


Sassy Granny ... said...

How wonderfully infectious is your joy. I pray the days ahead pass swiftly and surely, and that your little guy is home at last.


Julie said...

Awesome blankie. I don't think it looks girly.