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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- One Month

Today is one month since we received our referral for our sweet Jonas boy. I remember when our other children were at his age how much development took place within a month's time and my heart aches to be missing so much. He's almost 6 months now. He could be 8 or 9 months before we travel to get him. I pray often for his caretakers and especially that he has a special nanny to attach to who will mother him through his difficult waiting stage.

I've begun to mourn some things. For his losses most of all, for they are many. Then, for our losses as his family. For the time we can't get back. For the space between knowing of him and truly knowing and loving him. I will never be able to reconcile my heart with having to wade through bureaucracy while my son waits in an orphanage. I can only bend my knee before the Sovereign and trust He is in complete control and ask for that special peace that transcends my ability to understand.

I would like to ask for prayer for Jonas. We specifically ask for pray for his health.

In other news I am excited to have begun shopping for donations. I have most of our nanny gifts covered. I've also organized our packing list. It's very long. Dustin was in shock over some of the stuff on the list. He though I was going a bit overboard but I told him I had all the experience of our fellow AWAA YG families who have travelled ahead of us telling us these things were indeed necessary. Then I reminded him that since I was bearing the weight of the packing responsibilities and all he had to do was simply show up on the day of travel he had better back off or I might let him do some of the packing ;) That did the trick. He told me he trusted my judgement and decided he'd leave it at that. (U-hum. I thought so, buddy.) I am consciously trying my best to be considerate of the weight factor because if there's one area I know about my tendency to slack off it's in carrying our bags through airports. I tend to let my hubby do the lion's share of the work in those situations. I am sure it was with that eye that he cast a weary glance upon the packing list. Overall I am a very light packer. I have had many a gal pal comment on my ability to do so. I'd love to be able to cut our list in half but we just don't want to be in a new country without something we desperately need for our new son. It's not like I can send D off on an errand to the corner store to pick up what we need. Some things may not even be available there. Better to play if safe than sorry. Besides, whatever we don't use I can donate to the orphanages.


janetwhipple said...

Oh man, I'd LOVE to see your packing list!! We're far from traveling, but as a first time mom, I can guarantee I won't think of all the things a baby needs :)

Courts open soon!!!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

So, I love organizing and packing, etc to share your cool packing list??? :) I have a 4 pager in excel that I've tried to compile from many others' lists and travel notes...wanna swap to see if there are things we've missed?
No biggie if not though! :)
PS I'm going to tell my SIL what you said about her poem...she'll be very please. :)

Theresa said...

I was thinking yesterday how busy I have become with my new job that I barely have time to blog...and forget about visiting blogs. Then I thought, "I wonder if Jen has her new baby boy yet."

Not a coincidence that you were thinking about me because I was thinking about you too, friend.

I will pray for Jonas. I love his name.

I guess you are playing the patience game. That is where I am. I hate that game!

Love T

Stacey said...

My Mom said they saw you at the store getting some of the things on your list. She said you looked so excited! I think it's amazing, this journey you're on :o)

Carpenters said...

Gabe and I had a very similar conversation about the packing. Too funny. There's not much lugging you'll really have to do. The worst was in the airport on arrival and departure (mostly departure with two little ones).

We'll be praying for Jonas and you during the wait, the hardest wait if you ask me.

With Love,