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Friday, September 26, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- Benefit Concert Update

We went to the concert to benefit Hope for the Hopeless tonight. It was held downtown at the Salvation Army Citadel. I'd say there were roughly 50 adults in attendance. Maybe more. A few people, including us, brought their children with as well. I really enjoyed having the girls with us and I think it was a great experience for them since we have separate children's services at our church they haven't had the opportunity to attend adult worship.

The night included a special sign language performance of "I can only imagine." I particularly enjoyed this. It' was so beautiful to watch. The sign for "be able to speak at all" really got to me. The woman just grabbed her throat as if the words wouldn't shake loose and the look on her face was so expressive. Beautiful.

It is always special to me when I have the privilege to worship Jesus among believers from different congregations, denominations, and backgrounds. Tonight was no different.

Our total neared $3000.00 for the evening. Praise God. Surafel leaves for Ethiopia soon. There are a few more fundraising events planned. So far $4000.00 has been raised. About $10,000.00 more is needed so that the buildings can be finished and the kids can move in.


Stacey said...

Hey Jen, we truly wanted to attend but there was just no way. We didn't have a sitter and I couldn't bring Jake out not knowing whether or not he had the mumps. It's so frustrating at this point!

I'm so glad to hear that God worked through the concert and you raised that much money. Please let me know of any other fundraisers you may have!