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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Red Letters Campaign- Hope for the Hopeless

If you've been reading here for any amount of time you've most likely heard about Pastor Surefel and Hope for the Hopeless. Now you can go and read about it for yourselves. The blog for Hope for the Hopeless is finally up. Please follow this link and check it out.

Would you do me a favor? If you like what you see will you make mention of it on your blogs? Pastor Surefel needs $20,000.00 more dollars to complete the dormitories for the children so they can move onto the property and Hope can save money on rent. Rent saved means FOOD IN THE MOUTHS OF THE KIDS!!! It's just that simple. Also, if they don't occupy the land soon the government can take it away.

Please join us in praying for Hope for the Hopeless.


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