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Friday, April 27, 2007

SOOOO Excited

Tonight is a big night for Palm Valley Church. That's because we are having a leadership committment event to kick of the financial contributions for the building campaign. True to Biblical form, those in any leadership capacity are asked to give first.

We have already been involved in a church-wide spiritual gowth campaign. Pastor Greg told us at one of the desserts that this committment event is gonna be tons of fun. I am stoked. I am looking forward to praising Jesus tonight and, together with my husband, bringing in our sacrifices to the Lord.

Tonight, for me, will be a super exciting kick-off to a new season of my faith walk. Dustin and I are ready! We are going for "it" with gusto! We're running after Jesus, and praise God He lets us catch Him!

Come on guys! Let's offer all of ourselves and every inch of that campus to the Lord and watch what He does!

My heart is ready, now it's time to live out James 1:22 in a fresh new way.


Brooke said...

I got chills reading your blog, as I wanted to get up and give a cheer. Right back at cha! I have been excited all week for this, God is amazing and I am feeling more and more love from Him every day that I get more and more excited about the church campaign. Every day is fresh from Him, so I cannot imagine how much greater it can be. See you there!

Jen said...

Yeah Brooke! Can't wait to see you!!