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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking To The Least of These

Recently, a post by Russell Moore titled Jesus Has AIDS has caught the attention of many people. I have been pleased to see such a positive reaction to the message.

Tonight the Lord is burdening my heart for those He dearly loves who are most at risk in this world great big world.

It's hard to imagine levels of risk or need for orphans (truly could it get any worse for them?) but special needs children are the epitome of the least of these in the eyes of the world; children like Sean who require special education and training to live with disabilities.

Boys and girls with physical disabilities like Sean will have no chance to earn a living without the help of expensive prosthectics, therapies, equipment, etc. For these children there is little hope of ever leaving the orphanage.
Special needs orphans require love and attention that a team of outnumbered, overworked, and underpaid caregivers can't provide. The nature of the disabilities these kids live with require nothing less than a family's devoted love and care. Children like those of Reece's Rainbow are God's beloved; could one of them be your beloved son or daughter too?

When I saw Sean's picture I immediately thought of this man. I'm sure Nick's parents shudder to imagine missing out on the joy and richness life with their son creates.

If you can't parent a special needs child would you consider helping a family who can? Look for ways to donate to special needs adoption grants, such as Reece's Rainbow or others, and gift the blessing of parenthood this Christmas to a family with a heart for these kids.