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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Green Light for Care Package

I received an email around 7pm tonight (someone's working late!) from our family coordinator (FC) that we have permission to send A* a care package. YEAH!

I had a hunch today that I ought to get started on a photo book for him just in case. The email came as I was finishing up. I made ours at I was able to include lots of photos of our family, our home, an airplane, airport scenes, cars, etc., in an 8x8 hard cover book.

A* can at least have an idea of what to expect once we arrive there. I was able to include some Amharic too. Not much, though. It took waaaay too long accomplish the little I did. (um, like most of the day) I had to edit photos and create overlays with the Amharic font since Shutterfly wouldn't allow me to copy/paste it into their program. I had to scan the text as a photo and then edit it unto the other photos. I was able to do only a few words like, dad, mom, sisters, brother, airplane, my home, my journey because the process took so long.

Oh well, it's the thought that counts. At least the nannies can read those few words to him. I know several of the care takers can read English. I have no clue if they often have contact with our boy, let alone enough time to sit down and read to him. Even without the text in English, the pictures will be beneficial.

I'm so excited!

Our THANKS to the Shaw family for offering to bring over the care package for us. They will be traveling very soon to get their precious little girl!


Paul and Sydney said...

Jen, This is great news. We will probably be going on the 1st of Jan. so if you want to sent us something, too. I would love to bring it to him, or if you want to send me a photo release we can get some new pics. Let me know. I should know more about travel soon. We are really leaning towards going for Solome now regardless of the outcome of our son court. We are ready to get her home, and we feel it would probably be until the 1st of Feb. before our son's paperwork would be ready. I will let you know when we know for sure, but email me if you are interested. Blessings, Sydney

ajshaw said...

Yeah!! I can't wait to see him!!