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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home Study Complete

Thursday evening I received the draft of our Home Study (HS) for review. After looking it over I was able to give the green light for our Social Worker (SW) to submit it. I'm not sure the timeline for submission- she may have to send it to corporate for a once over before the court here receives the final draft. Again, we're shooting for about one month for approval.

After approval, well hold on to your seats, things should start moving quickly. Our dossier is ready to go! Once it arrives in Addis Ababa our agency will request a Court Date (CD) for us. They tell us a CD could happen 4-12 weeks from the date of their request.

Of course, We're always praying for a CD that is sooner rather than later in interest of A*'s health.

Since we signed on again to the program we haven't been able to receive any updates on A*'s health, nor any pictures of him. The reason for this is because we don't have an approved HS and since we have no HS we can't have an official referral (and still don't because we can't sign for him until the court approves our HS) I've written our Family Coordinator (the women who oversees our entire adoption from dossier on down) to ask if she would permit some friends of ours, who will travel early Jan to pick up their positive daughter, to take some photos of A* and deliver a care package to him from us. She is checking into it. Oh my, I'm praying so hard the answer is yes!


Jamey... said...

Congrats on the homestudy! It'd be so great if you could have a package delivered to him. We get updates while we're waiting, but we can't have people deliver things for us. It's so funny how all these agencies have different rules.