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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SW visit

Our physicals happened yesterday. It took over 2 hrs to complete them. I don't know what the deal was in that office but no one seemed in a hurry. It felt like eternity to me. Or maybe it was just the fact that our 4 kids were with us.... Ya, I'm pretty sure it was the kids.

Our Social Worker (SW) comes today for our first of 3 visits, our family visit. The other two visits will be individual visits, one with me and the other with Dustin.

We love our SW. She's really great. She's going to talk with the kids a bit this visit. The girls are very confrtable around her and Jonas has been very outgoing every time he's seen her.

I think the girls have a good understanding of the disease and will be able to talk with our SW in depth. Together they are able to name the ways HIV can be transmitted. They understand how it CANNOT be transmitted through tears, saliva, urine and fecies. They understand they always have to take precautions around blood but that the risk of getting HIV through a blood spill is low especially when those infected receive proper treatment so there is no need to panic if brother sustains an injury and is bleeding. They know that mom and dad will be the only ones to clean up blood in this house until they are much older. The girls also understand that they are more of a risk when they are sick to their brother than he will be to them with his HIV. They know about white blood cells and how they fight infection and understand that brother will have to take medicine to help fight off the virus that attacks his white "soldier" cells (as we call them) to keep his body able to fight off sickness.

It's amazing what young minds can comprehend. I think the SW will be pleasantly surprised by them. What I love most about our kids is their excitment about their new brother and their willingness to love. I feel so blessed that they are well prapared already. I know that will only continue to improve.