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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dossier Almost Complete

Today I collected the last document we're responsible for chasing down to include in our dossier. There are two others I need, one being the all important Home Study, but they don't depend on me getting them here. Other folks have to do it. So, basically I'm done.

Can you believe that!? Less than two months from the date we were accepted into the program we're done* paper chasing. Praise the Lord!

Our Social Worker (SW) is waiting to schedule our last visit with her until most of the work related to our HS is complete. That's because the HS has to be finished and turned in to the courts within 14 days of her last HS visit with us. Our last meeting will be my one on one interview. I'm looking forward to it. As I've said before we LOVE our SW. She's just fabulous to work with.

As things stand now we're on track to finish up our dossier before the end of October. We are chugging right along down the potential timeline we initially received (give or take a month or two).

Seriously, WHEN does this ever happen in the world of international adoption? On time? Ahead of schedule?

This must be some alternate universe. Or something.

(Wait! Tell me I'm not dreaming this!!)

* In reference to adoption paperwork the term done is used VERY loosely.


Sassy Granny ... said...

What fun it was to see a picture of your little guy adjacent to Marge's GORGEOUS flowers! May the waiting be brief and the process sweet.