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Thursday, September 10, 2009

She's done it again!

Heidi Weimer has a way with words! Her POST on expanding our children's capacity to love by pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone is a great reminder that when we step out in faith to serve the LORD we can't lose!

I love the the title of the documentary being made about this special family: We Have Room. Those words are so inspired to me! It can sometimes be tough to make the room in our hearts and our lives for orphaned children but once the work is done it's such a JOY to sit back and see what God will do to fill the spaces we've cleared for Him

Promo for "We Have Room" Documentary from David Watson on Vimeo.

My prayer is that God continues to expand our capacity as Christians to love beyond ourselves and our comfort zones in order that we may provide homes for MORE children. Of course, I never want us to extend ourselves beyond our ability to meet our children's needs as parents, but I KNOW that families can thrive well beyond the status quo and the "acceptable" number of children in this society!


Mark and Wendy said...

Great post about a great post! I just did a post referencing Heidi's "Greater Capacity" post, too...I think it's annoined! I opened our hearts to adopting not just a baby girl but a boy up to 5 years old at the same time-something we NEVER would have considered before. Please pray with us that our social worker approves the change to our Home Study to allow us to adopt two! Thanks!
Oh, if you want to read my post, the link is