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Saturday, September 5, 2009

HS visit 1

Our Home Study (HS) visit went well. It was just a quick visit with the Social Worker (SW). She talked with the girls and toured the house. The SW told us this HS will be quick and easy since she is already so familiar with our family. Next Wednesday Dustin meets with our SW for a one on one interview.

The SW remarked at how quickly Dustin and I have been able to turn in our paperwork. He and I are both astounded as well. Like I've said before this experience is completely different from last. Last time it seemed as if every single paper had to be fought for. I'm enjoying the ease of this second paper chase.

I would talk to you about our experience at the pediatrician's office and the "bubble"shots but I'm trying to mentally block the experience out for the rest of my life. It was decided at that time that we would administer flu shots to the children as well. What we ended up with were four kids SCREAMING. Some flailing. A male nurse frazzled and probably considering a life of solitude. And then there was me. I think they finally broke me. Like a wild animal tamed, I have given in to the public embarrassment.


Stacey said...

Oh Jen, I remember the time at the hospital when they tried to take blood from Jake and I was so exhausted by the end. It took my Mom, 2 nurses and myself to hold him down and he was only about a year old. I feel your pain!!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I have a daughter with Sensory Integration Disorder. She can't stand to have her throat swabbed. It took several adults to hold her down just to swab her sore throat. She's been swabbing her own throat since she was 8.