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Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm telling you a secret. It's just between me and my blog buddies because I plan on making sure Julie keeps my "oopsie" moment which was caught on tape on lock down forever. But, I know you enjoy laughing with at me so I thought I'd share with you.

So yesterday was our video adoption testimonial taping session. We are a part of a ministry at church that is all things adoption and the purposes for the video is for various promotional and informational uses. I've never done a video session before. Dustin neither. Truth be told I've secretly known I was meant to be in front of a camera since I was about 7 (funny, it's suddenly occurring to me where Rienne gets her theatrics from.) though as soon as I found myself there I realized I prefer hiding behind blogging much more. Apparently I only feel challenged to be BOLD in my pj's at 1 a.m. by the glow of my high resolution computer screen.

Dustin does NOT like public speaking in any form or fashion and making a recording which will then be shown to the general public is just the same as standing in front of the crowd live in his book. He was nervous. But it didn't show. He was very articulate. And, he spoke much more than I expected he would. He's passionate about this topic, so that helps. He even mentioned my favorite line, "It almost made me cry!" (you have to read through the comments of this post to understand the humor of this phrase)

Julie kindly mentioned we would be taped in high definition moments before we were set to begin. WHAT!? Are you kidding me? Had I known that I would've exfoliated and maybe put on some foundation. And probably, I would have worked harder to cover the bags under my eyes. WHY OH WHY did she do this to me? Ignorance would have been bliss. Truly.

So there we were, apparently in HD, and then Julie also mentioned that if we say something and it doesn't come out right we ought to just pause and make a normal face and then continue saying it all over again that way they can easily edit it in between and not have to work to cut that portion out with us making strange faces, etc. Instantly I thought of all the wretched faces I make constantly while talking and I KNOW this is going to be tough for me. I imagine a splice where I go from having my mouth wide open and my face contorted to me suddenly having my mouth shut and a blank look on my face in the next frame. Too funny.

Anyway, on to the "oopsie". There are many things, in hindsight, I wish I would have skipped saying or feel I could have done a better job of expressing but the biggest regret of all has to be the comment I made where I was referring to how Dustin and I are unsure if we ever would have adopted had the Lord not used experiencing the loss of two miscarriages in our lives to point us to the loss orphans must feel. I was referring to how daunting some of the aspects of adoption seemed to us as compared to having children by birth. And that's when I said it. I actually said, "It just seemed easier to lock the bedroom door at night and try the old fashioned way."

I cannot believe I actually said that! I am so embarrassed. I think if I could watch the tape I would see my face turn instantly red. I know I put my head down in utter shame. Dustin tells me the "video guy" as he is affectionately called (as if he has no name) giggled a bit behind the camera. Oh NO! Please don't let this get out around our church. SERIOUSLY.

Thankfully Julie has creative control of the project, so I am told. And, I feel I'm in pretty good with her so I think she'll be sensitive to my request.

That's good. I'd hate to have to hunt her down!


Kari:) said...

Love ya sweet Jen!!!

Apryl said...

Hah! That is so funny!! We did a video for AWAA this fall and I was petrified. Seth doesn't do talking infront of a group and I'm a chatterbox, oddly the instant that red light flipped on I shut up. We said some goofy things, but all were (thankfully) edited out. Nothing like yours though. That takes the cake.
love, apryl

Audrey said...

Yeah, you're probably going to have to find a new church now. :)

Personally, I love funny video testimonies - look at it this way: it will be memorable!

N Dyess said...

That is priceless! I was having a not so great day and you just made me laugh. Thanks!!! I don't think it is what you were going for, but know that even God can use your oopsie to lift the spirits of others. I think your honesty about it is refreshing so don't worry another minute about! God Bless and thanks again!

Theresa said...

We've all said things that we wish we could just shove back in and swallow. Don't sweat it. I still love you!


Julie said...

I can't wait to watch the video :-) I've got your back girl!

Stacey said...

That is hilarious! I've got to tell Jeff this one... he will laugh :o)

luvgod2 said...

Secret is safe!!!! Thanks for the good LOL this morning!!!

Danielle said...

Girl, please! This could have easily come out of my mouth :) I'm sorry for the embarrassment, but I think people like us keep the joy and laughter alive...I know I just need to learn to temper it sometimes :) Hope it turns out okay :)